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Shiraz CR

Zenith CT

Contemporary/Modern - Minihome

Fancy TR-2

Traditionnal - Minihome

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MINI | 3 Bed & 2 Baths | 16' X 74' |

1180 ft²

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Zenith CT

MINI | 3 Beds & 2 Baths | 16' X 74' |

1184 ft²

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South Shore Homes is a reputable Supreme Homes retailer operating in the Perth Ontario area, and is proud to specialize in offering top-of-the-line modular homes. Our founder and owner, Rodger Robertson, personally oversees every aspect of the business, from sales to construction, and is deeply committed to providing our clients with unparalleled customer service and high-quality homes that exceed expectations. With a strong reputation for quality and attention to detail, South Shore Homes has become a trusted name in the community. We understand the importance of a home and the role it plays in our clients’ lives, and we are dedicated to delivering personalized service that meets their unique needs and preferences. At South Shore Homes, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and are confident that our passion for providing exceptional results will continue to set us apart from the competition.

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CHBA Modular innovation winner 2020

Shiraz CR


Bordeaux TR


Sauvignon CT-2


Zenith CT

Contemporary/Modern - Minihome

Looking for New Homes Ontario?

Yanch Homes has various New Homes for you

Yanch Homes specializes in Pre Fabricated Homes . Made in Canada in a state of the art factory with the best materials available . Your home is safe from the rain, wind, and snow until it is ready to be placed on-site.

Our facility is located in New Brunswick but our prefab homes can be deliver and set up anywhere in Ontario. Affordable and Efficient option with models that can be customized to your needs and completed in as little as 8 weeks .

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Yanch Homes

Brent Yanch started in a construction business over 25 years ago working for his dad Harold Yanch – founder of Yanch Heating . Although he can still install your furnace , a/c or a geothermal system or fireplace – Brent’s true passion  was always building and designing homes .

Brent built his first home at the age of 18 ! 

His experience with working on the tools as well as designing & product research makes Brent your ideal contractor .

Brent continually learns about new products and best ways to build  your home  !

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Yanch Homes

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